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Creating Magical 3D Characters with Midjourney and Blender – 미드저니와 블렌더로 완성하는 마법같은 3D 캐릭터 연출 [Coloso, Chedy, Group-Buy]


Release date:2024, January 2


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Perfect 3D Character Design with High-Quality AI Prompts and Blender Core Skills​

Craft stylish 3D character designs uniquely tailored to your taste and style using Blender and Midjourney!

Harness the power of the most advanced AI image-generation technology from Midjourney to extract limitless concept art for inspiration. Customize and refine images to suit your needs and incorporate sophisticated Blender techniques to bring AI-inspired ideas to life in your own 3D world.

AI technology is revolutionizing 3D art, and leading 3D artist Chaddy will show you how to design characters in your favorite style with unmatched speed, efficiency, and quality.

Explore upgraded character modeling, realistic skin expressions, motion techniques, and more with Blender and the limitless imagination of AI. Witness the magic of 3D art beyond imagination unfold before your eyes.

Chaddy’s portfolio showcases stunning 3D character concepts and directing expertise.​

AI Art: Discover why this class offers unparalleled character design and directing know-how.

Partner with AI to unlock limitless inspiration and elevate your character artistry with Blender’s 3D capabilities. Learn AI core techniques for refining and generating high-quality images, and create five captivating character art concepts.

In the Blender section, build upon AI-generated artwork to design full-body characters, including sculpting, rigging, skin texturing, makeup, and motion work. Master essential skills, from character creation to advanced directing techniques.

Coloso presents a unique 3D character art class featuring AI and Blender.

Part 1: Creating 3D Character Artwork with Midjourney

Step 1: Mastering Midjourney Features

  • Upscalers
  • Variations
  • Custom Zoom
  • Panning

Step 2: Crafting Artwork with AI Prompts

  • Rose Concept
  • Halloween Concept
  • Elf Concept
  • Witch Concept
  • Water Concept

Step 3: Refining Artwork into Final Concepts

Part 2: Building 3D Characters with Blender

Step 1: Object Creation for Character Design

  • Fluid
  • Roses
  • Thorn Dunkool

Step 2: Blender’s 3D Character Creation Process

  • Facial Features
  • Human Body
  • Hands
  • Costumes & Accessories
  • Shoes
  • Hair

Step 3: Completing Characters with Motion and Advanced Directing

Class Features:

Experience the creation of high-quality artwork with Midjourney, from basics to advanced techniques in 3D art. Utilize AI prompts to refine character concepts and bring them to life using Blender.
Discover your unique artistic style with AI, analyze attractive elements from reference images, and enhance your 3D skills with Blender. Create captivating character artwork through object integration, motion tasks, and advanced directing methods.

You can find more details by following this link.
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