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Creating 3D Environments in Blender 2.81 with Rob Tuytel


Release date:2020

Author: Rob Tuytel, Erik Selin

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

What Will I Learn?
Creating stunning unique environments
Organize your workflow to make large environment scenes
More than 250 unique 2K / 4K textures
Lots of medieval reference photos
E-book: Old Masters Unveiled ( 250 pages)
All scene assets, including buildings, rocks, grass, trees and more
6 Characters to fill up your scene
Full course documentation for the Blender basics chapter
Baking your models and importing in Unity 3D

Blender version 2.81 or above
Computer ( min 16GB ram)

Creating 3D environments in Blender

After four years, the creating 3D environments course, is now finally here for Blender 2.81. Thousands of students participated in the first version of this course and there were a lot of requests for a follow-up course. Prepare for a new chapter in the world of 3D environments!

The profession continues
For centuries, making environments has been something that many artists do to impress other people. Since the advent of computer graphics there is a new wave of designers studying this lovely profession. This course reveals some fundamental lessons from the old painting masters. Use the course to get the max out Blender and learn to create high quality 3D environments.

Starting from scratch
The complexity of many scenes is often holding people back from creating environmental scenes in 3D. Most designers drop-out halfway and are then facing their unfinished work because it takes a lot of time and work to create scenes with architecture and nature. I faced this many times, but because I was so inspired by medieval architecture, I took the time to learn how to create 3D environments in a way in which I could express myself. During this process I struggled hard and made many unnecessary choices that slowed down my progression. The power of this course is that it shows you exactly what you need to design 3D environments and which details you might want to avoid or postpone in order to make the most out of your own progression.

The road to perfection
We all want to create beautiful scenes, but making these scenes can be a big challenge. This course is not only a technical education, it also covers topics like focus, inspiration and organization. I believe that a well-organized focused designer, with the right inspiration, will be able to make every 3D dream come to life. This course is well documented and guides you through the process of creating 3D scenes in Blender 2.81.

From ruin to castle
This course will guide you through the new Blender 2.81 interface. Together we make our first steps in Blender. Slowly we start building objects and after one chapter you will be able to make a small dice scene. This warming-up is needed to get used to the workflow and make you comfortable with Blender and the things that will come. Shortly after that, we will jump into the node editor. We will start mixing textures, just like the old painting masters, to get decent looking results. We will apply the material on a ruin and build the first environment scene. Then we will start building a farmhouse in a medieval style. We will use the workbench for modeling, Eevee for the texture work and Cycles to render the scenes to get the max out of it. After finishing the farmhouse, we merge the building with a nature environment. We will create the trees with the sapling add-on, so you will not need any external plugins. There is a full chapter about creating nature assets and in the final castle scene we will merge everything together to make a wonderful environmental scene. All content and textures come from Texture/HDRI Haven and are included in the course.

Who is the target audience?
This course is meant for artists who like to grow in their workflow

  • Beginners
  • Environment artists
  • Game level artists
Watch online or Download for Free

Chapter 1 – Before We Start
0101 Introduction
0102 Udemy Dashboard
0103 Techniques From the Old Masters
0104 Motivation and Inspiration
0105 Workflow and Organization

Chapter 2 – Getting in Touch with Blender
0201 Introduction
0202 Download and Installing Blender 2.81
0203 Getting in Touch with the Blender Viewport
0204 The Blender 3D Interface
0205 Collections
0206 Eevee and Cycles
0207 The Workbench
0208 Creating a Simple Object
0209 Making a Dice
0210 Adding Dice Holes
0211 Adding a Material
0212 Improving Dice Material
0213 Making a Scene Render
0214 Recap

Chapter 3 – Working with Materials
0301 Introduction to Materials
0302 Materials in the Real World
0303 Materials in 3D Scenes
0304 Building a Material Setup Sphere
0305 Making Colors with Color Ramp Node
0306 Mixing Image Textures
0307 Mix Plaster On the Bricks
0308 Add Sandstone Border
0309 Add Displacement and Weight Layer
0310 Optimizing Node Tree in Groups
0311 Adding Background Images
0312 Building the Wall
0313 Using the Boolean Modifier
0314 Remesh the Wall
0315 Adding Wall Material
0316 Adding Displacement Map
0317 Adding Weight Layer Sandstone
0318 Making a Render
0319 Recap

Chapter 4 – Making a Grass Landscape
0401 Introduction
0402 Making a Scene Template
0403 Deform the Landscape
0404 Importing the Wall Model
0405 Adding Landscape Material
0406 Adding Landscape Displacement
0407 Importing HDRI Map
0408 Adding Grass Strand Backplate
0409 Model a Grass Strand
0410 Adding Strand Details
0411 Adding Strand Texture
0412 Making Strand Variations
0413 Making a Grass Clump
0414 Making Clump Variations
0415 Convert Grass Clump
0416 Adding Grass Material
0417 Adding Terrain Displacement
0418 Adding Grass Particle System
0419 Improving Grass Looks
0420 Adding Particle Texture
0421 Grass Color Variation
0422 Modeling Small Reed
0423 Modeling Reed Variation Models
0424 Adding Reed Particle System
0425 Adding Fog
0426 Mixing Grass Length
0427 Adding Grass On the Ruin
0428 Making Scene Improvements
0429 Recap

Chapter 5 – Making a Farm House Landscape
0501 Introduction
0502 Making a Scene Template
0503 Making a Scene Blockout
0504 Starting with the Farmhouse
0505 Adding Roofs
0506 Extending Roof
0507 Adding Holes
0508 Adding Bevels
0509 Making Wooden Bars
0510 Placing Wooden Bars
0511 Adding Roof and Brick Texture
0512 Adding Texture Variation
0513 Adding Leaking Texture
0514 Adding More Leaking
0515 Making a Window
0516 Adding Texture and Frame
0517 Merging Window Frames
0518 Making Window Frame Variations
0519 Merging Windows with House
0520 Making a Door
0521 Adding Roof Sealings
0522 Adding Roof Slates
0523 Adding Roof Slates On Small Roofs
0524 Creating a Door Hook
0525 Improving Texture Details
0526 Improving Building Materials
0527 Importing House in Scene
0528 Adding Grass Weight Layer
0529 Importing Grass
0530 Modeling Dead Leaves
0531 Adding Dead Leaves Material
0532 Adding Dead Leave Particle Layer
0533 Making a Tree with the Sapling Tool
0534 Generating a Birch Tree
0535 Adjusting the Root
0536 Adding Weight Layer Branches
0537 Modeling Birch Leaves
0538 Merging Leaves On Twig
0539 Adding Twigs On Tree
0540 Updating Twig Material
0541 Making More Birch Trees
0542 Fixing the Root
0543 Importing the Trees
0544 Adjusting the Twig Material
0545 Adding Scene Fog
0546 Adding Grass Variation
0547 Modeling Reed
0548 Making the Reed Curvy
0549 Merging Leaves On the Stem
0550 Adding Reed Particles
0551 Adding Small Reed
0552 Adding Path On Terrain
0553 Making Scene Adjustments
0554 Scene Compositing
0555 Recap

Chapter 6 – Creating Nature Assets
0601 Introduction
0602 Importing Assets From Previous Scenes
0603 Importing Trees
0604 Modeling Nettle Leaves
0605 Modeling More Nettle Leaves
0606 Adding Nettle Texture
0607 Curvy Leaves and Modeling a Nettle Stem
0608 Merging Leaves with Nettle Stem
0609 Making Nettle Variation
0610 Modeling Celandine Plant
0611 Curve the Celandine
0612 Modeling Celandine Flower
0613 Merging the Leaves and the Stem On the Flower
0614 Improving Celandine Flower
0615 Modeling Plant Leave
0616 Modeling Plant Stem and Merging Leaves
0617 Improving Plant Material
0618 Making Dry Grass
0619 Modeling Ivy Leave
0620 Building Ivy Branch
0621 Improving Ivy Material
0622 Modeling Field Maple Leave
0623 Making Leaves Curvy
0624 Modeling Field Maple Twig
0625 Making Twig Variations
0626 Generating Field Maple Tree
0627 Adding Trunk Texture
0628 Adding Twigs On Tree
0629 Organizing Trees
0630 Recap

Chapter 7 – Making a Castle Scene
0701 Introduction
0702 Organizing Scene Template
0703 Deforming the Terrain
0704 Modeling Castle Blockout
0705 Modeling Castle Tower
0706 Adding Holes and Remesh
0707 Improving the Towers
0708 Optimizing Towers and Improving Materials
0709 Adding More Texture Layers
0710 Mixing Texture Layer Towers
0711 Adding Sandstone Borders
0712 Adding Roofing Texture
0713 Improving Roof Texture
0714 Modeling a Window Frame
0715 Making Window Variations
0716 Modeling a Sandstone Window Frame
0717 Merging Windows with Towers
0718 Modeling Sandstone Border for the Tower
0719 Modeling the Main Structure Base
0720 Modeling the Broken Walls
0721 Adding Gun Holes
0722 Addin G More Gun Holes
0723 Improving Textures
0724 Adding Holes in the Main Structure
0725 Remesh the Main Structure
0726 Adding Sandstone Texture Window Layers
0727 Adding Sandstone Door Texture Layer
0728 Importing Window Frames
0729 Adding Metal Frames
0730 Modeling Wall Borders
0731 Adding Extra Walls
0732 Adding Roof Texture
0733 Modeling Roof Slates
0734 Modeling Roof Bars
0735 Modeling a Small Roof
0736 Making a Roof Sealing
0737 Modeling a Hatch
0738 Merging Hatches with the Building
0739 Adding Wall Displacement
0740 Improving Main Structure
0741 Adding Terrain Displacement
0742 Adding Path Vertex Layer
0743 Improving Terrain
0744 Adding Grass Particle System
0745 Importing Nature Assets
0746 Adding Small Plants
0747 Adding Small Reed
0748 Importing Trees
0749 Improving Grass and Importing HDRI Sky
0750 Adding Weight Layer Towers
0751 Adding Ivy Branches
0752 Adding Tall Reed and Water Leaves
0753 Finalize Scene
0754 Recap

[Udemy] Creating 3D Environments in Blender 2.81 with Rob Tuytel_Subtitles.7z

Creating 3D Environments in Blender 2.81 with Rob Tuytel – files
Blender Files.7z

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