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Create Your Own Metabus Space with Zepetto Build it – 제페토 빌드잇으로 만드는 나만의 메타버스 공간 [Coloso, Kwon Junsoo, Group Buy]


Release date:2021, December

Duration:15 h 12 m

Author:Kwon Junsoo

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

How to create a ‘map’ that will be the core of the Metavus market, approaching close to 300 trillion.

The use of Metavus virtual space spans concerts, music videos, classes, politics, etc., with no end in sight. The MZ generation, as well as the Metavus ‘map’ production skills, captivate the world publicly.

With space configuration that identifies needs, Zepetto has become a popular map creator, offering seamless user usage in the method and platform environment, up to optimization skills.

Detailed operational methods not covered in existing tutorial lectures will be generously shared, including unique mechanisms.

Overseas landmarks can be created with the 3D space creation tool Buildit, which anyone can easily learn. Venues, zoos, schools, and endless virtual worlds – create your own map right now.

How to use content to succeed in the Metavus World:​

This class specializes in 3D through a beginner custom tool called ‘Build It’ in Zepeto, with lower difficulty and higher efficacy. We will guide you on how to make a map, contributing to the core of various industries, including academia, the financial industry, and the entire industry group.

Jeppetto Build It Map expert Metavus Creator Kwon Joon-soo from NAVER Z:​

Efficiently building ‘well’ beyond the Build It map method. In this class, you will complete more than 10 different concept maps, including interior design and café creation, creating landmark themes like the Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, Taj Mahal, game content themes, and Metabus themes such as classrooms, exhibition halls, and museums.

Class Features:​

Build-It introductory class informed by Zepeto Build-It Map experts:

Learn from map experts who have developed the Zepetto Build-It service from NAVER Z. Understand space from the basics of Build-It to user experience, map creation through configuration, and platform-specific optimization.

Free Jeppetto Build-It for those new to 3D:

Unlike heavy 3D tools with complex interfaces, get free access to Zepetto’s Build-It programs without professional 3D knowledge. Bring a variety of imagined spaces to life, from loved interior designs to simple game map making. Follow the step-by-step curriculum and Build-It templates.

Generation Z gateway Metabus space:

Generate external revenue, release various products in the Zepetto market used by 200 million people worldwide, be commissioned to create space, or challenge the content industry with Zepeto as a trendy marketing tool. Seize the market now.

You can find more details by following this link.
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