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Complete Black-and-White Illustration with Lines and Faces – 선과 면으로 깊게 표현하는 흑백 일러스트 완성 [Coloso, Sungmoo Heo (Heo Sung-moo), Group Buy]


Release date:2024, February

Duration:23 h 59 m

Author:Sungmoo Heo (Heo Sung-moo)

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Heo Sung-moo’s black-and-white skills finally revealed. It’s time to focus solely on the lines and faces that form the most fundamental aspects of an image. Hand-flavored lines and expressions in black and white that bring a three-dimensional feel to paper – Coloso Drawing cumulative students TOP 1st place in the essence of illustration, artist Heo Sung-moo will personally guide you.

Lineart techniques necessary for deeper painting through various lecture examples and materials, drawing, understanding contrast, and clairvoyance to solidify all the basics. Delve into the aesthetics of Zen and create various compositions and interesting renditions. You’ll learn practical know-how for this.

How proven individuals teach differs. Are you looking for a way to maximize the beauty of Zen? Do you find it challenging to express a sense of space? Do you desire original productions that transcend everyday composition? It’s not just another lecture; we’re ambitious for artistic expressiveness and creativity to take the forefront.

Are you curious about shortcuts for attractive black-and-white illustrations that express depth in only two colors? As an artist seeking an original style with your own lines and perspectives, it’s a golden time to elevate your skills and journey.

Class Features:

  • Depth of line and surface technique with robust adjustment.
  • Understanding contrast and texture through the fine-grained technique of black-and-white drawing, the basis of all paintings, presenting ways to add depth of expression beyond limits.
  • Illustration through line thickness, overlapping lines, and black-and-white cotton use. Experience the process of bringing new life firsthand.

Human drawing techniques suitable for original compositions and drastic perspectives. Create a more dynamic perspective and context-sensitive screen. Put the core of the drawing at the forefront. Heo Sung-Moo practices daily to express various poses, making screen configuration more challenging to convey. We’ll help you overcome fears of abnormalities.

The process of taking picture completeness one step further with solid skills. Effective utilization of contrast and texture in unfinished black-and-white illustrations. It’s the key to making them intense and impressive works. Follow the actual work process, from pressure exercises to mojak, effectively and quickly growing your skills in parallel with examples.

Learn these things:

  • Basics of Lineart for solid black-and-white expression. High-quality line paintings are crucial for hand-flavored illustrations. Learn various lineart techniques such as thickness, overlap, touch, and adjustment of contrast.
  • Picture interpretation and observation for easily understanding contrast. Learn to effectively express contrast in line and black-and-white by using strong contrast. Through practice, elevate your ability to see and understand three-dimensionality.
  • Basic and Practical Application of Perspective. Learn how to draw basic elements such as stairs, tiles, and columns to suit 1, 2, and 3-point perspective. Put various character angles in space based on body shape, and learn clairvoyance by repetition.
  • Maximizing production by utilizing perspective. Learn to view the character’s pose from a three-sided perspective and directly apply the perspective angle to the screen. Beyond boring images, practice freedom of production.
  • Space composition with multiple characters. Learn what to focus on when drawing multiple characters on one screen, and tips to resize each figure as you move the angle. Understand how to apply and express multiple elements simultaneously.
  • Complete high-quality black-and-white illustrations in depth. Master the process of drawing original works based on ideas, considering form, composition, and inclusiveness.

Curriculum Overview:

SECTION 01. Orientation: About black-and-white drawing

  • Features and charm of black-and-white illustrations.
  • Line and pressure techniques, understanding various line usages.
  • Form practice and rich expression of face and contrast.
  • Mojak practice for black-and-white illustration elasticity.
  • Black-and-white representation of various textures.

SECTION 02. Understanding and Utilizing Perspective

  • Understanding Perspective Perspective: Vanishing point, eye level, classification.
  • Basic Practice of Perspective Perspective: Drawing space, stairs, tiles, etc.
  • Basic Action Character Drawing: Character shapes in 1, 2, and 3-point perspective.
  • 3-point perspective drawing character.

SECTION 03. Deepening perspective rendering

  • Understanding Guatushi Directing: Camera lens, angle of view, drawing characters.
  • Guatushi Character Drawing: Perspective production, controlling clairvoyance.
  • Drawing multiple characters in one space.

SECTION 04. Lineart illustration production 01

  • Thumbnail sketching, rough and detailed line work.

SECTION 05. Lineart illustration production 02

  • Thumbnail sketching, rough and detailed line work

    You can find more details by following this link.

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