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Fundamentals of Stylized Character Art [Coloso, Mogoon, AI Dub]


Release date:2024, April

Duration:23 h 59 m


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

This course is COMPLETELY FREE for both existing and new GBC members.
If you are a NEW GBC USER, to access the Mogoon GBC AI Dubbed version of the course, follow these steps:

  1. Comment on this thread with something creative, e.g., not like this “I want Mogoon”.
  2. GBC Cashier @VUnicorn will like your message.
  3. @VUnicorn will add 7 GBC Credits to your forum account, needed to access the course.
  4. Check the Starting Point thread for an understanding of how the GBC platform operates.
  5. Hit “Join” to get on the GB participant list.
  6. Click “Pay” to use the GBC credits received in step 3 to access the conversation.
  7. Finally, press “Conversation” in this GB thread for content and instructions.
  8. Follow the conversation’s instructions carefully for the final steps.

If you’re an existing GBC member, follow the steps above in this order: “5, 1, 2, 7, 8“.

Learn the techniques developed by Mogoon through his experience creating video game artwork for Girls’ Frontline and Azur Lane, and official artwork for Netmarble and NetEase Games to efficiently complete stylized character work!

Expert Illustrator Mogoon’s Portfolio
Complete the following:​
  • Stylized Character Creation
  • Understanding Spatial Relationships
  • Mastering Perspective
  • Perspective Techniques
  • Grasping Basic Shapes
  • Forming Objects
  • Stylizing the Human Body
  • Understanding Diffused Reflections
  • Texture Rendering
  • Applying Art Fundamentals
  • Lineart Mastery
  • Detailing with Color
  • Creating a Finished Illustration
  • Highlighting Techniques
Class Highlights:​

Learn from an Illustrator with Over 1 Million Followers:

  • Acquire drawing skills directly from an artist experienced in various illustrations and video game artwork for Netmarble and NetEase.

Art Fundamentals from Basics to Application:

  • Gain insight into art fundamentals such as spatial perception, perspective, shapes, light, and color, and apply the core concepts from each chapter to your own character designs.

Tips and Techniques for Crafting Stylized Characters:

  • Throughout this course, you’ll develop a complete stylized character, refining it continuously as you progress.
    You can find more details by following this link.
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  1. I’ve never tried a course with english AI dub so I’m curious to see if it’s easier to follow than with sub, I’m in ! (If it’s okay of course)

  2. I want to be able to see the AI dub! I’ve downloaded this course before but it was just on sub I’m really curious if the difference is high! Hopefully I’ll be able to join the group!

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