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Beauty completed with iPad, Su-hong’s digital portrait class (Korean, Eng sub)


Release date:2023

Duration:10 h 17 m

Author:Su Hong

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Hello, I’m ‘Su-hong,’ an illustrator who loves digitally portraying the beauty of characters. My activity’s name, “Su-red,” is a combination of “su,” the first letter of my real name, and “red” in pink, my favorite color that reflects my mood. As the name suggests, I enjoy creating simple artwork with a soft, gentle feel.

Drawing has been my passion since childhood, and as a major in Western painting, I have continuously pursued my love for art. Portraits have always held a special place in my heart. However, traditional mediums like watercolors and colored pencils required a lot ofmuch effort and preparation, so I mostly stuck to sketching. That all changed when I had a chance to use a friend’s iPad. The freedom and versatility of digital drawing captured my heart, and I saved up to buy my own used iPad. Since then, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying creating artwork one by one.

In this class, I’ll guide you to improve your painting skills and understanding of painting so that you can continue painting confidently even after completing the course. I’ll share in detail the color theory behind my use of colors and the process I go through before painting. Step by step, I’ll help you quickly finish your artwork.

The ability to take shape, or ‘formability,’ is the most crucial part of painting. It’s closely related to observation skills. I’ll teach you how to observe correctly, making it easier to naturally envision shapes in your mind and translate them into lines on the canvas. Through various observation methods, you’ll learn to grasp different forms without getting bored, and you might even discover a plan that suits you perfectly in just one class. I’ll share my way of interpreting specific situations and angles, highlighting all the essential points to focus on.

The secret lies in understanding color for achieving clear skin and naturally accentuated features in your artwork. I’ll reveal my color selection criteria, which I’ve discovered through numerous trials. Using colors differently from what you see can make your painting look much brighter. I’ll show how to use various effects based on your desired artistic direction and how to use layers to achieve the desired results.

Join me in this class to unlock the secrets of observation, color selection, and digital painting techniques. Together, we’ll create beautiful and expressive artworks that capture the essence of characters and bring them to life!

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00 Hallo I’m Su-hong, who draws digital portraits

00 I would like to introduce illustrator Su-hong
01 Lets take a look at what well learn in this lesson

01 iPad and Procreate

00 An iPad for drawing
01 5 key features of ProCreate
02 Download brushes and customize basic brushes
03 Procreate 5.2 update details

02 Steps for portraiture

00 My own way to improve observation
01 How to observe snow and how to draw different kinds of eyes
02 How to observe the nose and mouth and draw in various ways
03 Changes in facial structure based on angle and character characteristics

03 Beginning of drawing bright mood character drawing with yellow hair

00 A natural way to draw winking eyes and faces
01 Coloring yellow hair and light-toned skin
02 How to describe winking eyes
03 Describe hair so that yellow hair doesnt become cloudy
04 How to complete your own paintings

04 Drawing application drawing accessories and figures together

00 How to sketch a person wearing glasses
01 Getting into eye and warm tone skin
02 Focus on drawing eyes, nose, and mouth
03 A natural way to portray glasses and shadows
04 Finishes and highlights

05 Drawing application 2 Use functions to draw makeup in various colors

00 How to sketch and structure the face of the eye looking down
01 Fill the background color before showing colorful colors
02 Eyes, nose, and mouth as if they were wearing makeup
03 Expressing the texture of clothes and coloring hair in a green color
04 Make your figure stand out even more with effective highlights

06 Decorating the end drawing with a cat with blue eyes

00 Draw the shape of a person and a cat
01 Coloring to show the background color and the characters sense of distance
02 Focus on the characters features to fill the tone
03 Learn the characteristics of cats and fill the tone with the characters
04 Complete by depicting a person and a cat together

07 For all of you who listened to the end

00 My own way to control my mind and overcome slumps
01 Picture saving method and upload correction method

08 Congratulations on your stubbornness!

00 To all of you who have come to Ganggang

[Class101] Beauty completed with iPad, Su-hongs digital portrait class (Koreasn, Eng sub).7z.rar
[Class101] Beauty completed with iPad, Su-hongs digital portrait class (Koreasn, Eng sub)_Subtitles.7z

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