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Rendering University Platinum


Release date:2022, September

Author:The Blender Bros

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

The issue is simple:
Most 3D artists have no idea how to properly present their 3D artwork at the level needed to attract clients and followers.
Have you been struggling to build a following, or get jobs in the 3D field?
Are you frustrated with how your portfolio looks, and constantly wish you could have the presentation skills of a high-level artist?
Do you struggle with proper composition and lighting your scene?

Don’t know how to properly build a good portfolio?
Well, these problems are easily fixable with the right approach. Issue is, most people don’t know the right approach.

And that’s where we come in.
Introducing Rendering University, a step-by-step formula for creating an effective portfolio to build a rewarding career, gain clients, and build a loyal & impressive following – all from scratch.
You see, the key to standing out amongst the crowd of subpar 3D artists is having a portfolio that actually looks good.
You can have a bad model, but if you know how to present it properly, you can turn anything into something that looks good – and this is what will make you stand out.

Here’s an example of two different renders of the same model:

Which one looks like it was created by a professional 3D artist who knows what they’re talking about, and which one looks like a complete beginner created it?

You see, the same model can yield completely different results depending on how you present it. And these results are exactly what people are looking at when they decide if they want to follow or hire you.

Why spend years creating subpar 3D work, when you could establish a powerful portfolio with just 4 simple formulas?
The formulas? They are Framing, Lighting, Rendering Engines, & Composition.
Master these 4 and you can create an amazing scene out of anything that also stands out amongst the crowd.
So what are you waiting for? Get started with Rendering University today and experience what it’s truly like to be a highly skilled 3D artist.
We’re going to completely change your portfolio, and make it look amazing.

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