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Make a 2D Action Platformer in Unreal Engine 5 (2023.12 Update)


Release date:2024

Duration:12 h 58 m

Author:Cobra Code

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Welcome to the “Make a 2D Action Platformer in Unreal Engine 5” Course!

This course will teach you everything you need to know about Unreal Engine and Blueprint Visual Scripting to enable you to create your own games!

Having taught Unreal Engine both on YouTube and in person at a Japanese Game Dev school for the past couple of years, I’ve gained an understanding of what students are truly seeking. I’ve designed this course to walk you through the process of making games with Unreal Engine.

By creating a 2D Action Platformer like Mega Man, you’ll first learn how to import 2D Sprite Sheets and utilize them to create a character that is enjoyable to control. We’ll use the Enhanced Input System to bind actions such as moving, jumping, and shooting to the keyboard, and then update the character animations accordingly using the PaperZD Animation Graph.

Following that, we’ll implement the projectiles and shooting system for the player, and also create a health and damage system that will be shared between the player and enemies, all created in a modular fashion. We’ll also add more abilities to the player, such as a charge shot, Wall Jump, and Ground Slide. Not only will you learn how to implement these abilities using best practices, but you’ll also acquire the problem-solving skills necessary to create similar abilities for your own games!

Additionally, we’ll create four different enemy types, each with unique AI behavior. We’ll handle tasks such as turning around when walking into a wall or before falling off a ledge, detecting if the player is close and chasing them, and much more.

Lastly, we’ll explore how to build 2D stages using Tile Sets and Tile Maps, and then we’ll put together everything we’ve learned so far to create a complete action platformer level!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and Intermediate Unreal Engine developers
  • Game Designers who want to create Action Platformers
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01 – Course Orientation

01 – Curriculum Overview
02 – Why make 2D Games with Unreal Engine
03 – What Version of Unreal Engine to use UE53
04 – How to ask for help
05 – Backing Up Your Projects

02 – Unreal Engine 5 Crash Course

07 – How to Install Unreal Engine 5
08 – How to create a new Project
09 – How to navigate the Editor
10 – Content Drawer and Blueprints
11 – How to make a simple Blueprint
12 – Adding functionality to our Blueprint
13 – Useful Keyboard Shortcuts and Tips
14 – How to debug your games

03 – Paper 2D Basics

15 – What are Paper 2D and PaperZD

04 – Basics and Character Movement

16 – Action Platformer Overview
17 – Project Creation and Settings
18 – Preparing all of our Sprites
19 – Inheritance and making the Character Blueprint
20 – Possessing the Player and Camera Setup
21 – Setting Up Inputs and Movement
22 – Setting Up Animations with PaperZD
23 – Improving Character Movement
24 – Making the Iconic Mega Man Jump

05 – Making the Player Projectile

26 – Creating Projectiles
27 – Creating Flipbook VFX
28 – Enabling the Player to Shoot
29 – Limiting the Amount of Shots

06 – Health and Damage System

30 – Creating the Enemy Base
31 – Health and Damage System
32 – Damage Flash Material
33 – Damaging the Player
34 – Player Knockback and Stun

07 – Advanced Player Abilities

35 – Making the Charged Shot
36 – Organizing Variables
37 – Charge Material Flashing
38 – Cube Grid and Greyboxing
39 – Wall Slide System
40 – Wall Slide Animation and Wall Jump
41 – Implementing the Ground Slide
42 – Improving the Slide

08 – Checkpoints and Respawn

43 – Respawning the Player
44 – Checkpoint System
45 – Fall Detection

09 – Enemies and AI

46 – Making the First Enemy AI
47 – Shooting Enemy AI
48 – Projectile Knockback
49 – Making a Flying Enemy
50 – Making the Chaser Enemy

10 – User Interface

51 – UI Introduction
52 – Designing the Health UI
53 – Making the Health UI Functional

11 – Adding Sound Effects

54 – How to Play Sound Effects
55 – Adding the Remaining OneOff Sounds
56 – Animation Dependent Sounds
57 – Looping Sounds

12 – Level Creation

58 – Making 2D3D Hybrid Levels
59 – Preparing our Tile Sets
60 – How to Make a Tile Map
61 – Fixing Exposure and 2D Settings
62 – Using the Orthographic Camera
63 – Making a Dynamic 2D Camera System
64 – Planning out our Level
65 – Blocking out the Level
66 – Decorating the Level
67 – Implementing the Win Condition

13 – Extra Ladder Climbing

68 – Ladder Climbing System
69 – Releasing the Climbing State

[Udemy] Make a 2D Action Platformer in Unreal Engine 5 (2023.12 Update).7z

[Udemy] Make a 2D Action Platformer in Unreal Engine 5 (2023.12 Update)_Subtitles.7z

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