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#1 Unity Hyper Casual Cricket Mobile Game using C#


Release date:2023, September

Duration:12 h 43 m

Author:Tabsil Games

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

In this course, you will learn how to make a cool and fun Hyper Casual Cricket Mobile Game!

Together, we will go through the various processes used in Mobile Game Dev to bring your ideas to life.

We will Create a Complete, Fully Functional, Ready to Publish game in less than 13 hours.

By taking this course, you will learn how to:

  • Create a similar game by yourself
  • Animate Hyper Casual 3D Models
  • Control any object with your fingers (on the phone of course, you’re not an X-Men)
  • Detect Simple Collisions and apply a certain Logic
  • Control the flow of your game !
  • Make Managers ! Like in the real life that will help you control the flow of your game
  • Create UI Elements
  • Add Currency into your game
  • Detect more complex collisions
  • Use & Experiment with Shader Graph
  • Implement Unity Ads and add Rewarded Videos

This is only a small overview of what you’ll learn, there is so much more in the course, it’s 13 hours of Content !

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01. Setup

01. Drawing the Pitch
02. Creating the Field

02. Let’s Start Bowling !

01. Adding the Bowler Model
02. Importing the Bowler Animations
03. Animating the Bowler
04. The Bowler is Running !
05. The Bowler is now Throwing !
06. Adding a Throw Transition
07. A Fake Ball
08. We Setup the Ball Launcher
09. Some Ball Launcher Maths, nothing really complicated
10. Now the Bowler Launches the Ball
11. Bowler Target Movement
12. The Bowler Cameras
13. The Bowler Manager
14. The Bowler Camera ! The real one !
15. Aiming UI
16. Creating Graphics for the Power Slider
17. Power Slider Logic
18. The Bowling Logic
19. Some Speed Conversions
20. Determining the Bowler Shoot Speed

03. Stumps & Bails

01. Creating the Stump
02. Creating the Bail
03. Adding Colliders to the Stump
04. Anchoring the Stump to the Ground
05. Setup the Stumps and Bails

04. The Super Duper AI Batsman

01. We Setup the AI Batsman
02. Adding some AI Batsman Animations
03. Fixing some Animation issues
04. The AI Batsman follows the Target
05. Improving the AI Batsman Brain
06. The AI Batsman now hits the ball !
07. Time Management for the AI Batsman

05. We have a Better Ball

01. Ball Detection 1 2
02. Ball Detection 2 2
03. Better Ball Detection for the AI Batsman
04. The Ball Camera

06. Graphics Enhancements

01. Using Shader Graph for the Field 1 2
02. Using Shader Graph for the Field 2 2
03. Water & Camera Colors

07. Bowling Improvements

01. Local Score UI
02. The Ball Script (we needed one)
03. The Local Score Manager
04. Some Small Ball Improvements
05. How to set the Next Over
06. How to detect Ball Misses
07. Detecting Stump Hits

08. The Batsman Scene

01. We Setup the Batsman Scene ! Hurray !
02. Player Batsman Setup
03. Player Batsman Moves now !
04. Player Batsman Hits the Ball 1 2
05. Player Batsman Hits the Ball 2 2
06. We setup the AI Bowler now, Cool !
07. The AI Bowler can now Aim properly !
08. The Batsman Manager
09. The AI Bowler learns how to Throw the Ball !
10. The Batsman Camera

09. Main Scene & Setup

01. Main Scene Setup
02. We Create the Game Manager
03. The Logic behind the Game Manager
04. The Score Manager
05. Switching between Game Modes
06. End Game Logic 1 2
07. End Game Logic 2 2
08. Fixing the Play Button

10. Transitions & Score Display

01. The Menu Transition Setup
02. The Menu Transition Logic
03. Adding In Game Transitions
04. Fixing In Game Transitions, very quickly…
05. Adding Score to Transitions
06. Transition Score Logic
07. Adding Score to the End Game Panels
08. Adding Logic to the End Game Scores

11. A Bit of Polish

01. More Ball Improvements
02. We can now hear Sounds
03. Even More Sounds !
04. Adding Haptics Feedback
05. We now have a Settings Panel ! Youhou !
06. The Sounds Button Logic
07. The Haptics Button Logic
08. Adding Coins in our UI
09. Creating the Data Manager

12. Let’s go Shopping !

01. Creating the Shop UI
02. Adding the Bats Buttons Grid
03. Adding the Bat Button Logic
04. Creating the Shop Manager
05. Saving the Bat Button State
06. Purchasing a Random Bat
07. Do we have enough cash to get a Bat
08. Opening Closing the Shop
09. Adding the Bats
10. Selecting a Bat
11. Adding the Bats Icons

13. Unity Ads

01. Initializing the Ads
02. Adding Interstitial Ads 1 2
03. Adding Interstitial Ads 2 2
04. Adding a Rewarded Video Ad
05. Adding the Banner Ad

14. Final Changes

01. Explaining some Changes
02. The Logic behind the Bat Manager 1 2
03. The Logic behind the Bat Manager 2 2

[Udemy] #1 Unity Hyper Casual Cricket Mobile Game using C#_Subtitles.7z

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