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Figure drawing for Cartoon Characters by Maria Avramova


Release date:2023

Duration:10 h 05 m

Author:Maria Avramova

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Figure drawing for cartoon characters is a course designed to teach aspiring artists how to draw dynamic and expressive characters suitable for use in cartoons, comics, and other forms of visual storytelling. The course focuses on helping students develop their understanding of human anatomy and movement while teaching them how to apply these principles to create compelling cartoon characters that capture the viewer’s attention.

One of the main benefits of learning figure drawing for cartoon characters is that it can help artists to become more confident and versatile in their drawing abilities. By mastering the principles of proportion, gesture, and movement, students can learn to create more dynamic, expressive, and believable characters. This can be particularly valuable for artists interested in careers in animation, comics, or other fields where strong drawing skills are essential.

Students will learn various techniques and strategies for drawing characters in motion throughout the course. This may include exploring different poses and gestures, learning to draw characters from different angles and perspectives, and practicing techniques for capturing movement and expression. Students will also have the opportunity to experiment with different styles and approaches to drawing and to explore their better understanding unique artistic voices.

In addition to learning how to draw characters in motion, the course may also cover other important topics related to figure drawing, such as anatomy, proportion, and composition. By studying these foundational principles, students can develop a deeper understanding of the human form and how to represent it in their art.

Overall, figure drawing for cartoon characters is an excellent course for anyone interested in developing their drawing skills and exploring the exciting world of cartooning and visual storytelling. Whether you are an aspiring animator, comic artist, or simply a lover of art and creativity, this course can help you take your skills to the next level and unleash your full artistic potential.

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01 Introduction

00 Introduction
01 Warm up

02 Proportions of a regular cartoon character

02 Structure of a Boy character
03 Refining the Boy character
04 Drawing a Bear according to the structure above

03 Figure drawing for disproportionate bodies

05 Long Legs, Short Body
06 Refining the character
07 Short Legs, Large Body
08 Refining the Character

04 Weight and Balance

09 Normal Proportions – A Cat design
10 Refining the Cat character
11 Weight and Balance exercise
12 Lifting a heavy ball
13 Lifting a beach ball
14 Balancing the body Pose
15 Carrying a heavy bucket

05 Sitting on a chair

16 Sitting on a chair – Poses_Part 1
17 Sitting on a chair – Poses_Part 2
18 Sitting on a chair – Character 1
19 Sitting on a chair – Character 2
20 Sitting on a chair – Character 3
21 Sitting on a chair -Character 4
22 Sitting on a chair -Character 5
23 Sitting on a chair -Character 6

06 Figure drawing in Sports

24 Figure drawing in Sports – Poses
25 Soccer Pose
26 Badminton Pose
27 Basketball Pose
28 Throwing a Snowball Pose
29 Yoga Pose
30 Bodybuilding Pose

07 Push and Pull

31 Push And Pull – Part 1
32 Push And Pull – Part 2
33 Push A Dorr – Pose 1
34 Push A Dorr – Pose 2
35 Pull A Dorr – Pose 1
36 Pull A Dorr – Pose 2
37 Pushing A Stone
38 Pulling A Rope
39 Push Against the Wind

08 Emotions and Body language

40 Bodylanguage Poses
41 Sad Pose
42 Happy Pose
43 Skeptical Pose
44 Angry Pose (Shouting)
45 Angry Pose (Helpless)
46 Lazy Pose

09 Age and Weight

47 Old Guy – Structure
48 Old Guy – Refining
49 Old Guy Kicking a Ball – structure
50 Old Guy Kicking a Ball – Design
51 An Old Lady – Structure
52 An Old Lady – Refining

10 Figure Drawing of Characters with other proportions

53 A simple Bunny character
54 A simple Cat character
55 A simple Dog character
56 The Bunny in a sitting pose
57 The Cat pushing a door
58 The Dog throwing a Ball

[Skillshare] Figure drawing for Cartoon Characters by Maria Avramova_Subtitles.7z

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