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Mastering Unreal & Houdini Game FX: Balancing Quality and Efficiency – 퀄리티와 효율성을 모두 잡는 언리얼&후디니 게임 FX [Coloso, Choi Jinhwan, Group Buy]


Release date:2022, March

Duration:12 h 49 m

Author:Choi Jinhwan

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Unleashing AAA Game Quality FX Mastery with Unreal & Houdini!

Unlock the Secrets to Juggling Portfolio and Skills – Dive into the World of ‘Game FX’

Are you aspiring to transition from video design to the dynamic game industry? Ever dreamt of constructing a portfolio filled with game graphics you genuinely adore?

Embark on your career journey with Video FX, a global game studio. Join us, guided by Insumniak Speaker Choi Jin-hwan, a game FX artist affiliated with Games Class.

This course offers a unique fusion-type curriculum, exclusively available in Korea, combining industry-standard tools Unreal Engine and Houdini. Learn the ropes of implementing high-quality effects such as smoke, explosions, rain, lava, and lightning, all optimized for the real-time game engine Unreal.

Discover Game FX know-how that resonates with both domestic and international studios. Explore Colosso now.

What Makes FX Artist Choi Jin-Hwan’s Class Special?

Real-World Know-How for Implementing AAA Game Quality FX

As gamers’ expectations soar, the gaming industry demands the ability to implement graphic effects at the level of video content. This class provides seamless and real-time optimization for game effects that showcase movie-level quality from any angle.

Choi Jin-Hwan, a ‘game FX artist’ with a unique and bold 10-minute history, shares tips for career conversion!

From newcomers in-game graphics to industry professionals dreaming of a career switch, Colosso offers the sole practical curriculum that satisfies diverse aspirations.

Learn How to Use Houdini & Unreal Linkage for Game FX Implementation

Master the Houdini skills necessary to produce high-quality FX and follow an efficient workflow to seamlessly import them into Unreal Engine.

In-Depth Practice on 5 Representative Natural Objects Commonly Used in Live-Action Game FX

Immerse yourself in the creation of live-action effects for widely-used elements like smoke, lava, explosions, rain, and lightning. Explore the features of both Houdini and Unreal through hands-on practice.

Understanding the Business Pipeline for Entering the Game FX Field

Considering a career shift into the gaming industry? Different from the video industry, gain insights into the game effects business pipeline and learn the practical know-how for the real scene.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to master AAA Game Quality FX with the expertise of Choi Jin-Hwan, a seasoned FX artist. Join us on a journey to redefine your skills and create a portfolio that stands out in the gaming industry.”

You can find more details by following this link.

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