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Mastering the Basics of Human Body Drawing CLASS+ – 인체 드로잉 기본기 마스터 CLASS+ [Coloso, Yoo Yong-woo, Heo Sung-moo, Kim Han-soo, Group Buy]


Release date:2022, May

Duration:23 h 59 m

Author:Yoo Yong-woo, Heo Sung-moo, Kim Han-soo

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Master the Art of Drawing the Human Body Step-by-Step

Explore the nuances of natural human expression and detailed anatomy from head to toe in this comprehensive tutorial series. Elevate your skills in drawing the human body, covering essential basics for illustrators.

This CLASS+ program is a must for those seeking in-depth knowledge of human anatomy for character illustration. With 63 core lectures, delve into detailed area-by-area drawing techniques, exploring anatomy, various lifelike poses, and intricate character elements.

Benefit from over 160 lecture materials and the combined expertise of three masters in human body drawing. Develop your proficiency through historical insights and invaluable know-how.

Human body drawing learning step-by-step
Part 01. Human Body Core Shape and Anatomy Basic
Illustrator Yoo Yong-woo

Part 02. Dynamic human pose and angle-directing illustrator
Heo Sung-moo

Part 03. Human body drawing application Deepening know
How illustrator Kim Han-soo

You can find more details by following this link.

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    • let me site myself here:

      Okay, let me respond to all the messages in this thread. To gain access to the course, follow these steps:
      1. Join the GB by clicking the “Join” button at the top-right side of this page. It doesn’t matter which participation list you choose at the moment, as the GB is already in the ‘distribution’ stage
      2. Consider the Estimated contribution, which is 18.70 USD for this course. If you have these Credits on your balance, you can skip Step 3
      3. Top up your balance. There are three top-up methods available: Top-up with Crypto, purchase Mediafile premium, or use PayPal. If you cannot navigate to any of those links, it means you have insufficient privileges. Please leave a message in any GB thread, and admins will get back to you with more details and instructions
      4. Now you are ready to pay your participation fee by pressing the “Pay” button. This button is unavailable before you join the GB. The confirmation window will pop up, providing more details about the fees you are going to pay
      5. After you successfully pay, the ‘conversation’ button will appear, giving you access to the conv/chat with detailed instructions on how to start learning

      from here

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