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Mastering Character Drawing Across Genres – 모든 장르에 적용 가능한 캐릭터 드로잉 기본기 훈련 [Coloso, Lee Seunghee (Lee Seung-hee), Group Buy]


Release date:2022, March 28

Duration:23 h 59 m

Author:Lee Seunghee (Lee Seung-hee)

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

20 years of professional career know-how!​
Are you seeking a versatile approach to character illustration that applies to all genres? Have you gathered bits of knowledge from various sources but struggle to progress smoothly? If so, I have a solution for you.

Seung-hee Lee, a professional illustrator with 20 years of experience at companies like Netmarble and NCSOFT, has meticulously crafted a structured method for rapid growth and effective problem-solving, which I will share with you.

Learn the efficient use of airbrushes, Lasso tools for precise selections, human anatomy, layering techniques, color distribution, and other essential drawing fundamentals, all designed to propel your skills forward.

Discover the most effective methods for creating high-quality illustrations applicable to any style. Join me and gain insights directly from my extensive portfolio and practical experience.

What Makes Illustrator Lee Seung-hee’s Class Special?​
Rich practice materials and targeted assignments ensure seamless skill development.
Experience firsthand how to overcome common challenges encountered in real-world projects.
Receive PSD and JPG files at various stages of instruction, along with custom brushes for efficient practice. The final PSD file will include a step-by-step breakdown of the layers.
This isn’t just passive learning; you’ll actively apply each lesson to build a strong foundation and a sense of achievement.

The course covers essential character illustration topics through systematic theory and practical exercises:​

  • Form and Structure
  • Human Anatomy
  • Skin Tone Rendering
  • Character Design Principles
  • Idea Development
  • Poses, Expressions, and Composition
  • Detailed Character Descriptions
  • Portfolio Building

Class Features:​

Learn advanced illustration techniques from a 20-year veteran:
Master universal techniques such as optimal contrast management and digital layering to create exceptional artwork.

Utilize airbrushes and Lasso tools for efficiency:
Discover how to achieve richer tones and intricate details with Seung-hee Lee’s preferred tools.

Benefit from valuable references and practice missions:
Access PSD and JPG files, brush sets, and detailed layer breakdowns to deepen your understanding and reinforce your skills gained from the lectures.

You can find more details by following this link.
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