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Learn Maya Modeling by Making Advanced Character – 난이도별 캐릭터 제작으로 배우는 Maya 모델링 [Coloso, Nam Jae-yeon (Nam Jaeyeon), Group Buy]


Release date:2023

Duration:23 h 24 m

Author:Nam Jae-yeon (Nam Jaeyeon), 남재연

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

I know that mastering Maya tools will automatically improve my modeling skills?​

No matter how much you memorize the interface and repeat the process, understanding when and how to approach character creation, as well as the fundamental principles of modeling, is essential. Without this core knowledge, achieving the best modeling results is challenging.

Unlock the secret to achieving 200% client satisfaction with character modeling, endorsed by Naver and LG!

Join Nam Jae-yeon, a 3D character artist with extensive experience working for major companies like Netmarble and Nexon, as he systematically guides you through character modeling practices that go beyond factory-style education. Learn how to implement unique modeling ideas and optimize models directly applicable in professional settings, while also mastering efficient workflow techniques and toon rendering skills!

Enhance your skills with Maya know-how straight from Nam Jae-yeon’s portfolio, featuring practical experience in 3D character branding, cinematic promotional videos, and movies.

Portfolio highlights of 3D character artist Nam Jae-yeon, showcasing practical experience in major companies.​

Master character modeling and toon rendering skills in one comprehensive course!

To create character models, we need to use Maya’s subdivision tools effectively. This involves ongoing polygon modeling and intuitive sculpting akin to using a ZBrush, along with simulating techniques like those in Marvelous Designer. The efficiency of these methods varies depending on the object being created.

Maya is essential for rigging, animating, and rendering after modeling, forming the core of the project pipeline. Therefore, mastering Maya is fundamental.

In Nam Jae-yeon’s class, you’ll learn how to implement Maya 3D character modeling techniques, along with sought-after toon rendering know-how used by industry practitioners, to elevate the quality of your portfolio instantly.

This class covers 3D character creation and toon rendering at various difficulty levels:​

PART 01: Cute SD characters
PART 02: Four distinctive characters and toon rendering
PART 03: Stylized characters

Class features:​

Understand Maya character modeling workflows based on modeling principles:
This class delves into tool functionalities and proper operation techniques for modeling, providing practical insights gained from extensive experience in major company modeling practices.

Tackle character modeling challenges in one course:
From creating simple SD characters to more complex characters, produce models of varying quality levels to naturally enhance your skills and rendering techniques.

Access lecture summaries and modeling data for better comprehension:
Receive summarized PDF files highlighting key concepts covered in each chapter, along with lecture examples and renderScene files to aid your learning journey.

You can find more details by following this link.
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