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Introduction to In-Game FX Production Using Niagara – 나이아가라를 활용한 인게임 FX 제작 입문서 [Coloso, Ryu Seongwook, Group Buy]


Release date:2023, October 6

Duration:19 h 23 m

Author:Ryu Seongwook

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Explore the art of combining modules in Niagara, uncovering the system’s features, and evaluating its pros and cons. Configure your knowledge for immediate practical application.

Embark on a journey beyond the realm of the Great War! Dive into the realm of Game Effects crafted by Unreal Engine Niagara. From the inception of module creation to their utilization, discover the creation of highly scalable game effects—a fundamental skill set in Unreal Engine Niagara.

This comprehensive course equips you with the tools essential for crafting vibrant in-game effects. Starting from the basics of Niagara, a standard in the industry, learn how to utilize its features to create game effects that prioritize both quality and efficiency.

Join the class by Yuseongwook, a VFX artist engaged in projects for top-tier game companies like Netmarble and Neowiz. From the fundamentals to the applications of Unreal Engine Niagara, delve into the essential effects that serve as the foundation for all FX developments. Gain practical insights and know-how from a veteran game effector.

Whether you are envisioning extreme reality games or casual games, this course is indispensable for anyone aiming to make a mark in the competitive job market post-FX learning.

Why choose VFX Artist Yoo Sung-wook’s class?
  • Comprehensive All-in-One class covering in-game FX Production using Niagara.
  • Utilize Niagara’s scalability without the complexity of programming.
  • Gain insights from a 15-year veteran game effector involved in major game projects.
  • Acquire practical knowledge for creating your own portfolio.
  • Learn the cinematic VFX production process in the industry.

This class is a choice, not an obligation! Identify Niagara’s module combinatorics, system features, and pros and cons, and develop skills for immediate application. Learn basic effects that can be customized effortlessly without intricate coding.

Empower your in-game FX production journey with over 25 lecture materials and 10 practical exercises. Leverage these resources to enhance your competencies, self-study, and complete your own portfolio. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your skills and make a significant impact in the world of in-game FX production.
You can find more details by following this link.
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