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High-Quality 3D Renders for Industrial Design: From Keyshots to Redshifts – 산업 디자인 하이퀄리티 3D 렌더링: 키샷부터 레드시프트까지 [Coloso, Lee Jongha (Lee Jong-ha), Group-Buy]


Release date:2022, May

Duration:20 h 37 m

Author:Lee Jongha (Lee Jong-ha)

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Live-action product images, detailed backgrounds that make products stand out, and KeyShot & Redshift rendering for visual impact—these skills set you apart!

Ever wondered how to achieve high-quality renderings that look as polished as professional pictorials? Learn the secrets from overseas rendering experts whose KeyShot techniques are a must-know in top companies worldwide. Now, for the first time in Korea, we’re sharing Redshift know-how for design.

Gain insight from Lee Jong-ha, cofounder of BEBOP and acasso studio, with experience in advanced environments like Silicon Valley and Germany. Lee Jong-ha, recognized in the industry for his technical skills, will disclose all his rendering secrets.

Beginner or advanced, all levels will benefit from these comprehensive rendering lectures. Discover this complete series for industrial designers at Colosso now.

Meet Lee Jongha: An Expert in High-Level Product Rendering

Why is Lee Jong-ha’s class special? It integrates Silicon Valley 3D rendering techniques used in industrial design practices across the globe, including Germany.

Struggling to create lifelike renderings? Tired of Photoshop fixes? This class goes beyond basic tools, enhancing your fundamental design expression skills. Learn to use Rhino, KeyShot, Redshift, C4D animation, and Fusion 360, all vital for becoming a professional in global technology.

Want to stay ahead of industrial design trends and master essential tools? Learn to implement creative product designs that look more like photos than real photos. This class provides answers to all these questions through practical, trendy design exercises.

Course Highlights

Part 01: Modeling

  • Learn precise modeling techniques reflecting the latest trends.
  • Master key features and Rhino usage for expressive designs.

Part 02: Rendering

  • Compare and learn detailed techniques using KeyShot and Redshift.

Part 03: Final Output

  • Complete selected examples common in industrial design, focusing on advanced geometry.
Class Features

Korea’s First Industrial Design Class with KeyShot, Redshift & C4D:

  • From Rhino modeling to high-quality rendering and vibrant product design, this class optimizes Korean Redshift techniques.
  • Learn the right rendering applications, various programs, and integration methods used in American and European industrial design practices.

Hands-on Examples Reflecting Industry Trends:

  • Design essential assets like flashlights, wireless chargers, and mice.
  • Create practical expressions like shading gradients, sonic/embossed logos, and silkscreen printed graphics.

Practical Know-How with Texture Combination PDF:

  • Receive useful textures and related information collected from operating a design studio.
  • Enhance source quality with combination techniques, reference sites, and insider secrets.

Join us at Colosso and elevate your rendering skills with the expert guidance of Lee Jongha.

You can find more details by following this link.
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