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Hao’s Beginner’s Face Drawing Lesson – 해오의 입문자를 위한 얼굴 그리기 강의 [Fast Campus, Haeo,일러스트레이터 Hae0, Group Buy]


Release date:2022, August

Author:Haeo,일러스트레이터 Hae0

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

From essential theories that are easy to overlook, to efficient practical processes, Pro Illustrator Honey provides tips all at once!

Before diving into drawing, let’s start with:

  • A brief personal introduction and an overview of what we’ll be learning.
  • Exploring why we are drawn to attractive characters.
  • Understanding the basic proportions necessary to draw a beautiful face.

Let’s begin drawing faces:

  • Focus your attention on drawing eyes.
  • Create pretty and expressive faces.
  • Pay attention to details: drawing noses, eyebrows, mouths, and ears.
  • Explore different facial expressions within different contexts.
  • Experiment with various compositions for faces.
  • Learn about common mistakes to avoid when drawing faces.

Next, let’s tackle drawing hair:

  • Observing different hair types and styles.
  • Understanding how bangs and sideburns influence a character’s mood.
  • Mastering the art of drawing back hair according to your preferences.
  • Identifying common mistakes made when drawing hair.

Now, let’s explore various coloring techniques:

  • Experiment with different methods for coloring.
  • Learn how to add sparkle and life to eyes during coloring.
  • Achieve smooth and realistic face coloring.
  • Enhance hair coloring with texture.
  • Correct common mistakes to enhance the overall look.
  • Focus on areas prone to mistakes when coloring the head.

Finally, let’s delve into drawing SD (Super Deformed) characters:

  • Explore the concept of SD and its unique characteristics.
  • Discover a cute and effective method for drawing SD characters.
  • Learn practical techniques for coloring SD characters.
  • Wrap up with final thoughts, personal tips, and reflections gained from extended painting sessions.
You can find more details by following this link.
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