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Game Graphics First button 3ds Max Basics – 게임 그래픽 첫 단추 3ds Max 기초 [Coloso, Yong Sungjoo, Group Buy]


Release date:2022

Duration:23 h 59 m

Author:Yong Sungjoo

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

I aspire to work in a local game company, but I’m uncertain about which tools to prioritize. Can you help?​

3ds Max serves as the core pipeline for game production and is fundamental to game graphics. It is the primary and essential tool for beginners entering the field.

This course covers everything from creating ambient objects in 3ds Max to medieval prop modeling. It also includes basic animation and sculpting skills using ZBrush. Designed for beginners, the curriculum offers a systematic introduction to 3D graphics, helping to establish a strong foundation in game graphics.

Yongseong Attention, with 23 years of experience in game graphics, will guide you through a comprehensive portfolio-building process.

Why is 3D Artist Yongseong Attention’s Class Special?​

From modeling basics to portfolio completion, this class caters to the needs of aspiring modelers. The demand for skilled modelers in game companies is increasing, and Yongseong’s class addresses this need by covering modeling and texturing skills.

Throughout the course, you will learn the basics of 3ds Max and ZBrush, step by step, creating various objects such as a desk, chair, knife, shield, twigs, catapult, light animation, tents, weapon mounts, ramparts, dinosaur head sculpting, skin representation, texturing, and creating a normal map.

Class Features:​
  1. Systematic training by a 23-year career professional: The class draws on the expertise of speakers with experience at companies like Activision Blizzard and Right Hand Games. It is designed to make learning 3ds Max enjoyable and easy for beginners.
  2. Learn the basics of ZBrush, a popular sculpting tool: The course efficiently covers modeling in 3ds Max and texturing, utilizing the sculpting capabilities of ZBrush. You will gain a deep understanding of this widely used tool in the gaming industry and complete your portfolio.
  3. Provides shortcut cleanup files and Photoshop alpha brushes: Participants from Igoart Academy and the Game Graphics Academy are invited to join. The course offers shortcut cleanup files and Photoshop alpha brushes to enhance the learning experience.
You can find more details by following this link.
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