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Dynamic Action Drawing Optimized for Character Movement Directing 캐릭터 동세 연출에 최적화된 다이내믹 액션 드로잉 [Coloso, Kang Joo-sung, Group Buy]


Release date:2021, December

Duration:23 h 59 m

Author:Kang Joo-sung

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Experience the thrill of transforming into an immersive, dynamic character through Action Drawing.
No longer restricted to static or frontal shots; delve into the rich and lively movements of characters.

Creating scenes filled with action requires understanding dynamics, from mastering figure sketches to human body structures, diverse angles, expressive poses, clothing wrinkles, and coloring techniques.

Dynamic action drawing optimized for character movement directing
Dynamic action drawing optimized for character movement directing

Learn step by step from Kangju Sung, a seasoned professional in character action illustration, as he shares the indispensable core techniques and insights cultivated over years of practical expertise.​

You can find more details by following this link.

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  1. hii.. Strawberry can you upload “advanced guide to sclupting 3d collectible” course from coloso?? thank you

  2. Hello Strawberry , most of the video files on the mediafile server don’t seem to be working , they won’t load somehow , is it a problem with the mediafile site? It worked fine until today , i tested many things but none worked. Hope this issue gets fixed soon

  3. Hello Strawberry , it seems when i reach the mediafile page , the video simply won’t play , for the courses from 2022 and older , it just doesn’t play at all.It worked fine until today , i tested various things but wasn’t able to find a fix , is this a server error on mediafile’s side , maybe they have too many requests? That i don’t know but for example if i try playing something in Mogoon’s or Chyan class , they won’t load , i think it might also have to do with the file size. I’ll wait and try again later.

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