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Magic Gesture Drawing – Drawing the human body without sketching by fururi (Japanese, Eng sub)

Release date:2023, February 16

Duration:06 h 24 m


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

This class is for those who want to not only easily draw the entire body but also understand how to draw clothing, starting from an introduction to what “Gesture Drawing” is. Gesture Drawing is a drawing method that animators and storyboard artists learn by placing importance on capturing the impression (gesture) of a pose.

In this class, we will provide a detailed explanation of what Gesture Drawing is and its basic terms. You will learn through Gesture Drawing what you want to convey through your drawings, and what constitutes a drawing that effectively communicates.

In this class, we will provide a detailed explanation and practical application of Gesture Drawing techniques for LOA (Line of Action), CSI (Character Scene Investigation), and more. This course is designed for beginners as well as those who are currently struggling with their drawing skills. We will cover all the tips and tricks needed to draw the human body, from the Line of Action (the first line you receive from the pose) to basic anatomy necessary for drawing.

Continuing to practice Gesture Drawing will enable you to draw your favorite things, such as fashion illustrations, and make it easier and more enjoyable to draw the entire body. Let’s deepen our understanding together!

After taking this class, you can expect to:

  • Have a solid foundation for drawing the human body and be able to easily draw the entire body.
  • Design your drawing lines and create more attractive illustrations.
  • Be able to draw various poses, from stable standing figures to dynamic living figures.
  • Have a basic understanding and mindset for Gesture Drawing and develop a habit of practicing drawing.

This class is recommended for:

  • Beginners who want to focus on line drawing before coloring.
  • Those who are struggling with drawing and want to overcome their resistance to drawing the whole body.
  • Those who are concerned about having rigid drawing lines.
  • Those who are curious about what Gesture Drawing is.

This class teaches a wide range of techniques for drawing the human body, from gesture drawing to fashion illustration, using the paid digital tool “Procreate”. However, purchasing the tool is not a requirement to take the class and analog methods can also be used for practice. The class is unique in its breadth of teaching techniques for drawing the human body.

Gesture drawing is a drawing technique that includes all aspects of drawing. It is something that I believe people who draw should definitely know about.

Through drawing together and gaining an understanding of the human body, from dynamic pictures to calm everyday illustrations, it becomes enjoyable to draw.

Original name:

  • [You can draw a human body smoothly without drawing] Magical gesture drawing
  • 【デッサン無しで人体がスイスイ描ける】魔法のジェスチャードローイング
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01 Before meeting Gesture Drawing

00 Lets have fun drawing various poses with gesture drawing!
01 Introduction of creators, introduction of classes
02 Recommended tools for those who draw on iPad (how to use Procreate)
03 Tips for continuing every day
04 Why did painting improve in 3 years. Mental stories that are important in drawing pictures

02 What is gesture drawing

01 Whats the difference between gesture drawing and croquis
02 Gesture Drawing Fundamentals. 4 Important Elements
03 Gesture Drawing Basics. For now, lets draw!

03 Gesture Drawing Beginner

01 Line of action Capturing moving body shapes
02 Rib cage and pelvis how to proceed with drawing so that balance can be achieved
03 Wrapping lines understanding orientation and perspective intuitively
04 Drawing a body with CSI adding rhythm to lines based on impressions

04 Gesture Drawing Intermediate

01 What is a good picture. A way of thinking to find ones own expression
02 Drawing People Standing What are some interesting poses
03 Drawing a seated person What poses are conveyed in silhouettes
04 Drawing a person lying down how to look like a “sleeping person”

05 A pose with a sense of dynamism

01 Tips for creating a sense of dynamism that seems to start moving even now
02 Lets draw dance poses
03 Lets draw sports poses
04 Lets draw martial arts poses

06 Clothes drawing

01 Pose Tips for drawing fashion illustrations
02 Draw a line drawing 1
03 Draw a line drawing 2
04 Add shadows to add color

07 A more enjoyable way to study drawing

01 A more enjoyable way to study drawing
02 Congratulations on finishing the course!

[Class101] [You can draw a human body smoothly without drawing] Magical gesture drawing by fururi (Japanese, Eng sub).7z.rar
[Class101] [You can draw a human body smoothly without drawing] Magical gesture drawing by fururi (Japanese, Eng sub)_Subtitles.7z

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