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Fill Your Sketchbook with Lovable Illustrations Alongside Ella by Ella Doodles


Release date:2022, June

Author:Ella Doodles

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Transform your sketchbook into a warm haven where your artistic visions flourish. Join me on a journey to embrace and bring to life those whimsical ideas that dance through your mind, starting with the foundational elements. I’ll equip you with ingenious tricks for mastering anatomy and perspective, blending references into your sketches effortlessly.

Unleash your essence onto the pages as you infuse your sketches with character, color, and captivating commentary. By the end of this artistic adventure, you’ll have complete sketchbook spreads that are delightful and a true reflection of your creative spirit.

Who Should Enroll? Whether you’re pursuing practice or indulging in leisure, this class is tailor-made for individuals eager to forge a genuine connection with their sketchbooks. You’ll conquer observational and pictorial references and breathe life into original concepts, infusing your sketches with an unmistakable essence.

What Awaits You? Embark on a journey of creativity where you’ll grasp the basics and elevate them to a new level. The building blocks of art, such as anatomy and composition, will be at your command, ready to be molded according to your artistic taste. Infuse each page with a quaint charm that’s uniquely yours.

By the time you reach the course’s end, your sketchbooks won’t merely hold drawings; they’ll become repositories of your evolving identity as an artist and individual. Each spread will treasure the facets of your creative personality, culminating in a collection that’s as diverse and captivating as you are.

Are you ready to give your sketchbook a soul of its own? Enroll today and embark on a journey to transform your doodles into cherished works of art that reflect your vibrant persona.

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  1. Why have you stopped users from being able to download multiple videos at the same time? It used to be like that, but now it’s only 1 download per session.

  2. can you guys please get this course here??

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