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Cartoon Creature Design

Release date:2015, December 8

Author:Yulia Sokolova

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Character design is one of the most interesting fields of design and illustration. However, it can be tricky if you need to depict various characters of the same type, while making each of them unique and original. In this course Yulia Sokolova will teach you how to create a set of fancy cartoon characters with various facial expressions and body shapes. Such illustrations are very useful for video games, mobile applications, children’s books and advertisements.

You’ll be rearranging the elements, using them as details of a constructor, combining them with each other, and creating new kinds of creatures from the existing parts. Furthermore, you’ll learn different ways of recoloring the monsters and finish up by placing the created crew of characters on a bright alien background, forming a balanced composition.

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  1. So from now on we cannot watch online the classes? Bcs if I click on something I only see premium or free download. If you can restore the watch online option! Thx

    • watching online works like a charm for me. Can you explain your issue and provide more details, thanks

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