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The Ride A Blender Car Animation Course by Jean-yan BABOIS


Release date:2023, May

Duration:11 h 00 m

Author:Jean-yan BABOIS

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

In this course, we will cover all the topics you need to master to create your own 3D projects, including:

  • Blender basics (For absolute beginners)
  • Assets research
  • Assets library
  • Environment design
  • Lighting
  • Animation
  • Rigging a car
  • Car animation
  • Camera shots
  • Camera animation
  • Project planning
  • Camera framing for TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube shorts
  • Smoke Simulation
  • Grading in DaVinci Resolve
  • Editing in DaVinci Resolve
  • Sound effects

And the list goes on.

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00 Introduction

Course Introduction

01 The Basics

1- Chapter I Download and install Blender
2- Chapter I Navigation
3- Chapter I Add objects
4- Chapter I Move objects
5- Chapter I Transform objects
6- Chapter I Color objects
7- Chapter I Camera and light
8- Chapter I Our first animation
9- Chapter I Our first render

02 The Presentation

00- Important Update
01- Chapter II Object Import
02- Chapter II HDRI Magic
03- Chapter II Environment Part 1
04- Chapter II Environment part 2
05- Chapter II Camera animation
06- Chapter II Camera update
07- Chapter II Different shots
08- Chapter II Davinci resolve
09- Chapter II Effects to add
10- Chapter II Music and editing
11- Chapter II Export
12- Chapter II Social networks

03 The Ride

C-01- chapter iii introduction
C-02- Chapter III Plan your shots
C-03- Chapter III Settings
C-04- Chapter III More cars v2
C-05- Chapter III How to rig a car
C-06- Chapter III How to rig a car part 2
C-07- Chapter III S1 Car import
C-08- Chapter III S1 Car animation
C-09- Chapter III S1 The road
C-10- chapter iii s1 camera animation
C-11- chapter iii s1 city pack installation
C-12- chapter iii s1 environment
C-13- chapter iii s1 people
C-14- chapter iii s1 env correction
C-15- chapter iii s1 light
C-16- Chapter III S1 Tweaks
C-17- chapter iii s1 render
C-18- Chapter III S1 Post-production
C-19- Chapter III S2 Environment
C-20- Chapter III S2 C8 animation
C-21- Chapter III S2 C63 animation
C-22- Chapter III S2 Camera animation
C-23- Chapter III S2 Traffic
C-24- Chapter III S2 Props
C-25- Chapter III S2 Composition
C-26- Chapter III S3 Camera animation
C-27- Chapter III S3 Car animation
C-28- Chapter III S4 Setup
C-29- Chapter III S4 Camera animation
C-30- Chapter III S5 Breakdown
C-31- Chapter III S6 Breakdown
C-32- Chapter III S7 Breakdown
C-33- Chapter III S8 Breakdown
C-34- Chapter III S9 Introduction
C-35- Chapter III S9 environment
C-36- Chapter III S9 The path
C-37- Chapter III S9 The drift part 1
C-38- chapter iii s9 the drift part 2
C-40- chapter iii s9 camera tweaks
C-41- chapter iii s9 smoke
C-42- chapter iii s9 sound
C-43- conclusion

[BlenderMarket] The Ride A Blender Car Animation Course by Jean-yan BABOIS.7z.part1.rar
[BlenderMarket] The Ride A Blender Car Animation Course by Jean-yan BABOIS.7z.part2.rar

[BlenderMarket] The Ride A Blender Car Animation Course by Jean-yan BABOIS_Subtitles.7z

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