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Advanced Interior Visualizations


Release date:2022, March 14

Author:Arch Viz Artist

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

It’s common for artists to feel like they’ve hit a wall in their career and are ready to take on bigger and more complex projects.

The desire to improve your skills and work with bigger clients is a sign of growth and ambition, and it’s great that you’re willing to take on this challenge. It can be intimidating to step out of your comfort zone and take on more ambitious projects, but with determination and a willingness to learn, it’s definitely possible.

Keep pushing yourself to improve your skills and take on more challenging projects. Remember to also take care of yourself and take breaks when needed. With hard work and dedication, you can achieve your goals and take your career to the next level.

What will you learn?
That’s a great point. Starting with a clear idea in mind can definitely help streamline the production process and result in a more cohesive and impactful image.

Another important factor to consider is attention to detail. Paying close attention to small details like lighting, composition, and textures can make a huge difference in the final result. It’s also important to consider the purpose of the image and the audience it’s intended for, and tailor the image accordingly.

Using high-quality assets and textures can also help elevate the final image, as can careful post-processing and color grading. And of course, practice and experimentation are key to improving your skills and creating truly stunning visualizations.

Overall, creating a perfect image is a combination of having a clear idea, attention to detail, thoughtful consideration of purpose and audience, high-quality assets, and practice and experimentation.

During the camera setup and composition stage, you will learn how to create a strong visual impact by carefully selecting the camera angle and framing your shot. You will explore different camera types and settings, and learn how to use them to create a dynamic composition that emphasizes the most important elements of your scene.

Additionally, you will learn how to use composition rules such as the rule of thirds, leading lines, and symmetry to create balance and harmony in your image. You will also learn how to adjust the camera settings to control the depth of field and focus, and how to use lighting to create mood and atmosphere.

By the end of this stage, you will have a strong understanding of how to set up your camera and composition to create a compelling and visually stunning interior visualization.

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Módulo 1 – Introducción y motores de renderizado

Lesson 01 – Introduction to the training
Lesson 02 – Corona V-Ray Render Settings
Lesson 03 – Corona V-Ray final Render Settings
Lesson 04 – Corona VFB
Lesson 05 – V-Ray VFB Window
Lesson 06 – Corona V-Ray Render Elements
Lesson 07 – Corona V-Ray Proxy
Lesson 08 – Corona V-Ray Cameras
Lesson 09 – Corona V-Ray Lighting
Lesson 10 – Corona V-Ray Lightmix
Lesson 11 – Corona V-Ray Materials and Maps
Lesson 12 – CoronaPhysicalMaterial VrayMtl

Módulo 2 – Modelado

Lesson 01 – Modeling overview
Lesson 02 – Modeling columns
Lesson 03 – Modeling windows
Lesson 04 – Modeling ceiling
Lesson 05 – Modeling walls
Lesson 06 – Modeling doors
Lesson 07 – Modeling bar
Lesson 08 – Modeling bar counter
Lesson 09 – Remodeling bar sofa
Lesson 10 – Final adjustments to the base model

Módulo 3 – Cámaras – Iluminación

Lesson 01 – General idea of the bar space
Lesson 02 – Storytelling and color analysis
Lesson 03 – Main furniture setting
Lesson 04 – Main cameras setting
Lesson 05 – Overall lighting setup
Lesson 06 – Adding light features
Lesson 07 – Adding lights to light features

Módulo 4 – Materiales

Lesson 01 – Creating wood material
Lesson 02 – Creating wall material
Lesson 03 – Creating floor material
Lesson 04 – Creating ceiling material
Lesson 05 – Creating marble material
Lesson 06 – Creating metal material
Lesson 07 – Creating bar fabric material
Lesson 08 – Creating rest of the bar materials
Lesson 09 – Creating linen material
Lesson 10 – Creating velvet material
Lesson 11 – Editing furniture materials
Lesson 12 – Adjusting 2nd version of the velvet material

Módulo 5 – Finalización y Postproducción

Lesson 01 – Adding bar accessories
Lesson 02 – Adjusting alcohol materials
Lesson 03 – Placing alcohol models
Lesson 04 – Lighting bar area
Lesson 05 – Adding extra lighting
Lesson 06 – Placing main accessories
Lesson 07 – Positioning decorations
Lesson 08 – Render Setting Render Elements
Lesson 09 – Post-production

Módulo 6 – Detail Shots

Lesson 01 – Vertical bar image – Adjusting the lighting
Lesson 02 – Vertical bar image – Postproduction-
Lesson 03 – Seating image – Setting up the lighting
Lesson 04 – Seating image – Postproduction
Lesson 05 – Canva detail – Setting up the camera
Lesson 06 – Canva detail – Setting up the lighting
Lesson 07 – Canva detail – Postproduction
Lesson 08 – Sofa detail – Setting up the camera
Lesson 09 – Sofa detail – Setting up the lighting
Lesson 10 – Sofa detail – Postproduction
Lesson 11 – Alcohol Details View 1 – Setting up the camera
Lesson 12 – Alcohol Details View 1 – Setting up the lighting
Lesson 13 – Alcohol Details View 1 – Postproduction
Lesson 14 – Alcohol Details View 2 – Setting up the camera
Lesson 15 – Alcohol Details View 2 – Setting up the lighting
Lesson 16 – Alcohol Details View 2 – Postproduction
Lesson 17 – Bar Detail View 1 – Setting up the camera
Lesson 18 – Bar Detail View 1 – Setting up the lighting
Lesson 19 – Bar Detail View 2 – Setting up the camera
Lesson 20 – Bar Detail View 2 – Setting up the lighting
Lesson 21 – Bar Detail View 3 – Setting up the camera
Lesson 22 – Bar Detail View 3 – Setting up the lighting
Lesson 23 – Bar Details – Postproduction

[Archvizartist] Advanced Interior Visualizations_Subtitles.7z

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