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Advanced Character Facial Rigging Techniques in 3ds Max – 3ds Max로 마스터하는 각양각색 캐릭터 페이셜 리깅 [Coloso, Dongseok Kim, Group Buy]


Release date:2022, February

Duration:07 h 01 m

Author:Dongseok Kim

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Unlock the Secrets of Practical Facial Rigging: A Master Class Unseen in Korea!

Embark on a transformative journey guided by Kim Dong-seok, a seasoned 3D character Technical Director with an impressive 22-year tenure at Ubisoft, a leading game publisher. Join him as he steps forward to unravel the intricacies of facial rigging, a vital but often overlooked skill in the world of 3D character design.

Discover the essential concepts of facial rigging and skinning, delving into both foundational principles and advanced optimization techniques. Gain hands-on experience using the free app Facecap for live-action animation in Facial Capture, extending your skills to the entire body through practical examples.

Kim Dong-seok, a facial rigging specialist responsible for crafting tens of thousands of facial expressions and emotions, shares his practical know-how, empowering you to elevate your skills to professional levels.

What Sets 3D Character Technical Director Kim Dong-seok’s Class Apart:
  1. Comprehensive Learning: Covering everything from the basics to practical optimization skills in one go.
  2. Industry-Relevant: Addressing the increasing importance of precise character depiction, facial expressions, and more in the gaming industry.
  3. Rare Rigging Lectures: Focusing on 3ds Max, the class delves into the in-depth and professional aspects of facial rigging, a rarity in the country.
  4. Flexibility in Learning: Offering flexibility in learning basic concepts, tool usage, and flexible practice in facial rigging and skinning.
  5. World-Class Expertise: Benefiting from the wealth of knowledge and experience from a TD in a world-class game publishing company.
Class Features:
  1. Versatility in Rigging Know-How: Applicable to various styles, from live-action to cartoon characters, enriching your ability to bring characters to life.
  2. Facial Capture with FACS and ARkit: Learn to quantify the movement of abstract faces and apply them to real rigging, utilizing contemporary industry standards like FACS and ARkit.
  3. Hands-On Techniques: Benefit from the intuitive and flexible hands-on facial rigging techniques accumulated over 22 years as a Character Technical Director.

Embark on this unique learning journey with Colosso and transform your facial rigging skills from basic concepts to advanced optimization, led by an industry veteran with unparalleled expertise.

You can find more details by following this link.
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