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Dynamic and Stylish Character Design Course by Heo Sung Moo – 역동적이고 스타일리시한 캐릭터 완성 일러스트레이터 허성무 (Korean, Eng Sub)


Release date:2021

Author:소개 영상

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

아직도 인체 드로잉을 시작하는 데
갈피를 못 잡고 있나요?

인체 드로잉 입문자일수록
실용적인 핵심 지식만을 콕콕 짚어
알려주는 체계적인 커리큘럼이 필요합니다.

독학으로는 이해하기 어려웠던
인체 해부학을 시작으로
스타일리시한 캐릭터 특성을 살려주는
앵글과 옷 기초 이론까지.

이번 클래스가 끝나면
실전에 바로 응용 가능한
해부학적 지식은 물론,
어느 각도에서도 문제없는
자연스러운 포즈의
캐릭터 드로잉을 완성할 것입니다.

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  1. oh YEA glad Coloso courses was added. hope you put these too.

        • i dont even give a shit as long they didnt share their political view when teaching, heck i dont even give a shit even if the illustrator is a f**ing serial killer as long as they are teaching what they are supposed to be f**ing teaching. dont be a f**ing snowflake.

  2. Hello straw, i already upload a course and you can check it for me plz :((
    Thank u so much for reading this.

    • Because this course wasn’t translated from Korean srt files
      There are no subs for this course
      I am a Korean and I can speak English, so I think the best way is to learn Korean
      It will help you a lot to learn from Korean artists here

  3. Thank you so much! I though I would never be able to follow the course, I was very envy of the people that can speak korean! thank so much

  4. Hello! Thank you for adding this course. Is it possible to get better subtitles quality. Some sentences make no sense at all. It seems this course was auto subbed but I believe it has an official translation. Is it possible to get that one?

  5. is it possible for this course? it will be a big help for us aspiring artists.

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